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When you think of micropeels or any peels to your face, you think invasive or a painful experience. Well, Kenda made my experience in getting a micropeel such an easy, soothing, and relaxing experience. From the moment I walked in, prepared for my treatment, until the very end, she explained everything that was being done ahead of time. She also gave me great recommendations on my at-home post care treatment. My skin felt so rejuvenated after the treatment and days later, still feels amazing. I’m excited and can’t wait until Kenda works her magic on me again.

Jenny M.

Kenda is amazing! She was very knowledgeable about everything she was doing and you can tell she’s very passionate about it. 10/10 forsure!

Dianna L.

First of all, she is a licensed esthetician. That’s a big deal if anyone is going to perform any treatments my face. I received a microdermabrasion facial from her, waxing services, and lash extensions and love it! Looking forward to getting more. Thanks Kenda.

Sarina R.